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Sports Massage is becoming increasingly popular in many fields of life, catering to people of all professions. 

Sports Massage is great from relaxation, to enhancing Sports Performance, to injury Rehabilitation. The Massage is catered to the individual’s needs, as many different massage techniques are used.

Sports Massage focuses on muscles relevant to the area of discomfort (Stiff Shoulders, Injured calf, etc.) For athletes, the goal is to enhance endurance, Increase performance, decrease the chance of injury, and shorten recovery time. For the non-athlete, the goal is to maintain muscles, decrease stress, promote relaxation, and to Enhance Health & well-being.

Sports Massage has many uses & a long, long list of benefits. It is now being recommended by Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, surgeons, etc. as it no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity...

Reflexology is a massage of the feet & hands used to relieve tension/pain, & to treat illness, by using pressure points relating to the body. Reflexology is often used as alternative to medicines. The goal of reflexology is to balance Mind, Body & Soul, promote good health and prevent illness. Reflexology can be used as general relaxation, stress relief, increasing energy, to alleviating specific conditions, to promoting a healthy psychological state. 

With the stress of today's lifestyle, massage is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Whether you are an athlete, have an office job, or even in school or varsity, massage has an unlimited list of benefits, all promoting a Healthy & Stress free Lifestyle!!