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Sports Massage and Eventing

Head & Neck Massage.

 Head & Neck Massage is Designed to relax the mind & encourage Circulation. Most often, tension is felt within the head & neck, & so a scalp massage can be very effective as a stress reducer. It is very instrumental in curbing neck pain and relieving Headaches & Migraines to a great extent. Whenever suffering from stress due to hard work, the neck is known to suffer pain & swelling at a rapid speed. The Muscles in the neck becomes stiff and pain can travel into the head, back & shoulders.

Shoulder Massage.

The Shoulders & Neck support the heaviest part of the body: the Head. When the head is held in unnatural positions for prolonged periods of time, the stress on the neck & shoulder muscles increases tenfold. Almost all daily activities such as working on the computer, writing, driving, watching TV, etc. cause the muscles of the to get overly stressed. The shoulder also carry most of our psychological stress. Sports Massage for the shoulders is one of the most beneficial ways to alleviate stress & tension, reduces headaches, as well as reduce the chance of injury!! Sports Massage for the neck & shoulders is highly recommended to everyone as part of a monthly maintenance plan.

What a 30min Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage can do for you:

• Relieves Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain/Stiffness
• Alleviates Headaches & Migraines
• Prevents Injury
• Induces Relaxation
• Reduces Stress & Anxiety
• Improves Psychological State
• Improves Sleep
• Enhances Health & Well-being
• Relieves Tension
• Increases Energy Levels and most of all...It feels great and instantly makes your day!!

Back Massage.

Our Backs carry a lot of tension, & undergo large amount of physical strain on a daily basis. Back pain is also associated with emotional/psychological stress. 90% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives, & many know that if left unattended, it can result in debilitating problems. Sports Massage for the back relieves tension; releases trigger points, & create a sense of well-being. A Back Massage is a definite necessity, be it for a specific issue, injury, or even just to relax.


Just but a few benefits:

•             Relieves Tension & Pain
•             Reduces Injury Risk
•             Promotes Relaxation
•             Enhances Sports Performance
•             Increases Strength
•             Reduces Stress & Anxiety
•             Reduces Insomnia
•             Increases Energy
•             Increases Movement & Flexibility
•             Improves Concentration

Sports Massage for the back is a massage that should never be missed